Pixelmon adds many aspects of the Pokémon into Minecraft, including the Pokémon themselves, battling, trading, and breeding. Pixelmon also includes an assortment of new items, including prominent items like Poké Balls and TMs, new resources like bauxite ore and Apricorns, and new decorative blocks like chairs and clocks.

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Pixelmon 9.1.1


"Pretty Ribbons and Wings..."

  • The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.34 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.


  • 17947 Add spawn location settings to Pixelmon Spawners.
  • 17947 Added aggression settings to Pixelmon Spawners.
  • Added 'debug' dimension type (only accessible if enabled via datapack).
  • Added Torch Song.
  • Added Aqua Cutter.
  • Added Aqua Step.
  • Added Flower Trick.
  • Added Psyshield Bash move.
  • Added Triple Arrows move (Generation 9 version).
  • Added Victory Dance move (Generation 9 version).
  • Added 2022 Winter cosmetic for all users in Discord for the month of December, Pixelmon Forum linking required.
  • Added Cosmetics (Card Backs and Coins) to TCG Trader, configurable in the TCG Config, enabled by default.


  • Added Floragato.
  • Added Meowscarada.
  • Added Crocalor.
  • Added Skeledirge.
  • Added Quaxwell.
  • Added Quaquaval.


  • Added 3 decoration blocks with ~3000 combinations (with directionality) for map makers to use for resource packs if adding "custom blocks".


  • Updated TCG Shops: Desert A, Desert B, Plains A, Plains B, Savanna A, Savanna B, Snowy A, Snowy B, Taiga A, Taiga B and Grass Gym.
  • Updated Battle Arena NPCs to 'Stand Still' aggression level instead of 'Still and Engage'.


  • Added Ultra Gingko, Ultra Elm and Ultra Jungle logs and leaves to the seesSkyException spawning category.
  • Added Poké Sand and its corners to the beach and land spawning category.
  • Added Ultra Jungle Vine, Ultra Forest Flower, Ultra Forest Fallen Leaves to the air spawning category.
  • Added all Apricorn, Ultra Gingko, Ultra Elm and Ultra Jungle logs and leaves to the treeTop spawning category.
  • Added all Temple-derived blocks, all Braille blocks, all Unown Blocks, all Berry Wood-derived blocks, Ultra Gingko, Ultra Elm and Ultra Jungle-derived blocks to the structure spawning category.


  • Aggressively improved memory allocation for clients.
  • Improved allocation in spawning thread.
  • Added wireframe "debug" mode using F3 + W.
  • Added wireframe setting in the graphics.yml config.
  • Added F3 + O key bind to toggle animations off.
  • Added animation toggle in graphics.yml.
  • Improved SMD rendering performance.
  • Essence Jars are now craftable (4 Glass, 1 Crystal Block, 1 Wooden Slab, with Dye in the middle, or Glowstone Dust for a random color).
  • Updated the trading cap of available trades after first purchase from the TCG Trader to 12, configurable.
  • Added ability to give Essence Jars through /tcg give.
  • Players can now zoom in and out on the Pokémon model display in the Pokédex and Fishing Log.
  • Stantler will now learn Psyshield Bash as an egg move and after evolving into Wyrdeer.
  • Updated Hisuian Decidueye's level-up movepool.
  • Hisuian Decidueye will learn Triple Arrows after evolving from Dartrix.
  • Hisuian Lilligant will learn Victory Dance after evolving from Petilil.
  • Updated Raging Fury to its Generation 9 mechanics.
  • Suicune can now walk and run on water.
  • Drowned boss types now add 20 levels on top of the party lead instead of multiplying the level.
  • Extended Enter the Drowned World quest availability until end of January.
  • Added 3D Poké Ball in-hand rendering as an option in graphic.yml, defaults false.
  • Updated Pixelmon Oven.
  • Updated Pixelmon Workplace (Dark and Light).
  • Updated Bagon assets.
  • Updated Duraludon assets.
  • Added an 'Ancient' version of moves with the Obscured status effect. No Pokémon by default learns these moves through level-up.
  • Updated Lunar Blessing and Shelter to their Generation 9 effect.
  • Updated Cresselia to learn Lunar Blessing at level 72.
  • Updated Goomy to learn Shelter upon evolving into Sliggoo.
  • Updated Goodra to include Shelter in its level 1 movepool.
  • Updated raid catch screen.
  • Updated raids to no longer give experience by default.
  • Updated and vastly improved shiny particle visibility.
  • Updated Dancer (ability) so that it may copy Aqua Step (move).
  • Updated PokeStop, PokeChest, PokeDrops and ShopItems to properly use NBT data.


  • Added ribbons to datapacks.
  • Updated ribbons to store the person that owned the Pokémon when given.
  • Updated ribbons to store the time they were given to the Pokémon.
  • Updated ribbons to override palettes.
  • Added optional suffixes and prefixes to ribbons.
  • Added warning for invalid TR move loading in species jsons.


  • 17661 Adjust Pokemon photos to be centered, a smaller size, and protrude from their painting less.
  • 17661 Make the Painting Frames exactly 2x2 blocks in size.
  • 18109 Fixed gigantamax clouds displaying underneath the in-battle raid den.
  • 18825 Fixed Pokémon on head display slot not updating properly when switching between palettes and forms of the same Pokémon specie.
  • 18959 Fixed Daycare GUI displaying in preview whether or not the child will be shiny before hatching.
  • 19050 Fixed invalid moves crashing the player after creating a MissingNo when force-generated through move spec.
  • 19217 Fixed being unable to breed Runerigus with an Everstone to obtain Galarian Yamask.
  • 19286 Fixed super-flat worlds ignoring the /spawning off command.
  • 19318 Fixed online palette Cinderace sprite.
  • 19401 Fixed client crash from an NPC with an invalid custom resource skin.
  • 19433 Fixed Clear and Tidal bells failing to flash or shine during its ringing phase.
  • 19565 Fixed all ball lid recipes to output the new lids instead of old ones.
  • 19565 Fixes PokéBall lids being unusable in recipes.
  • 19573 Fixed AI not resetting, fixing Forage, Rock Smash and many other targetable external moves.
  • 19577 Fixed Essence Jars being stackable.
  • 19580 Fixed missing Ultra Gingko derived crafting recipes.
  • 19596 Fixed Essence Jars missing crafting recipes.
  • 19673 Fixed PokéGift block model rendering invisible.
  • 19759 Fixed dens activating repeatedly, ignoring the Minecraft day delay.
  • 19772 Fixed keepinventory gamerule failing to apply to a player's stored lures.
  • 19777 Fixed Scyther failing to properly drop Miracle Seeds.
  • Fixed Defeat Drowned Pokemon quest not counting the defeat of a Drowned Lugia for its quest progression.
  • Fixed Fishing Rods using standard appraisal when they've not been appraised.
  • Fixed Fly and Teleport (external moves) sending players into the void when used without having used a Poké Healer.
  • Fixed Jade Cliffs being spelt improperly in spawning file for Biomes O Plenty.
  • Fixed Poké Balls with 0% break chance displaying their respective lids in creative inventory.
  • Fixed Pokéballs and Pokéball Lids not displaying when searched in creative inventory.
  • Fixed Pokémon losing moves not in their level-up movepool after evolving.
  • Fixed Pokémon with a different model for each gender being incapable of using the shiny spec.
  • Fixed Rod recipes not using the new NBT item IDs for Pokéballs.
  • Fixed Shedinja failing to be obtained when evolving Nincada.
  • Fixed TCG cards not displaying when searched in creative inventory.
  • Fixed TCG command auto-completion.
  • Fixed Tower of Darkness and Tower of Water spawning on top of eachother.
  • Fixed /learnmove command not accepting move names that have a space in their name.
  • Fixed /pokegive not giving an error when misspelling the species name while using the shiny spec.
  • Fixed isHisuian() not identifying Leaden Ball, Gigaton Ball, Feather Ball, Wing Ball, Jet Ball and Origin Ball, failing Hisui the catch system.
  • Fixed a client crash caused by an index out of bounds exception related to an egg's ability slot.
  • Fixed a client crash caused by power increase of an Incenser.
  • Fixed a crash when changing worlds and throwing out a Poké Ball, causing the thrower to be null.
  • Fixed a server crash caused by resetting the moveset of a Pokémon.
  • Fixed break particles when destroying a Pixelmon oven.
  • Fixed catch failure on raids when leveling and learning a move upon raid end.
  • Fixed displaying the same chat message twice when you can't pay to teach a 4th move.
  • Fixed duplicate UUID console log spam due to a spawning bug.
  • Fixed dyed and filled Essence Jars not displaying when searched in creative inventory.
  • Fixed empty Pokéballs breaking on Pokémon and breaking during capture before capture attempt is made.
  • Fixed entries for Light Ball and Smoke Ball in pokechestdrops.json.
  • Fixed failed catches in the raid screen when completing with a full party.
  • Fixed global TM moves not including generational TM moves, having commands like /learnmove fail.
  • Fixed missing Ultra Elm derived crafting recipes.
  • Fixed missing Ultra Jungle derived crafting recipes.
  • Fixed non-default form Pokémon appearing with only 1 move when spawned in or generated through commands.
  • Fixed shiny particles failing to scale according to the model.
  • Fixed the Oven not dropping itself when destroyed.
  • Fixed the [Cancel] and [Confirm] buttons rendering at the wrong time in the Daycare UI.
  • Fixed the [Next] and [Previous] buttons displaying as a hover in the Daycare UI when the button itself does not exist.
  • Fixed water-based Pokémon zooming across the land after beaching themselves.


  • 17635 Fixed wild Pokémon surviving on 0%, causing battles to hang until /endbattle is used.
  • 18397 Fixed Ice Face failing if it was busted in a previous battle.
  • 18397 Fixed Ice Face regenerating as soon as a new hailstorm is created, instead of only at the end of turns.
  • 18454 18662 18131 Fixed client crash when hovering over moves while in battle due to cursor textures not being found.
  • 19561 Fixed Zorua and Zoroark using the incorrect sprite when disguising as a non-default palette of the targeted Pokémon.
  • 19590 Fixed Pokémon taking recoil damage despite failing to attack due to taking confusion damage.
  • 19593 Fixed raids failing to count until turn 10 before vanishing.
  • 19741 Fixed the client displaying, while in battle, a Pokémon in the party as many times as that Pokémon leveled up.
  • Fixed Focus Sashes not working when held by a Revenant Pokémon.
  • Fixed Hold Back activating Revenant phases.
  • Fixed Mega Pokémon having the incorrect ability when switched back in.
  • Fixed Neutralizing Gas not activating Revenant on switching out or fainting.
  • Fixed Obscured decreasing evasion in the same turn it increased evasion.
  • Fixed Obscured lasting only 1 turn instead of the 3 to 4 turns depending on the move used.
  • Fixed Pokémon that switched forms in battle forgetting moves if the moves were not from their learnset.
  • Fixed Revenant Pokémon holding a Focus Sash not reviving as per its ability.
  • Fixed Revenant Pokémon taking recoil damage before health damage when affected on the same turn.
  • Fixed Revenant battles not resetting properly after battle end.
  • Fixed in-battle item usage dupe.
  • Fixed raids breaking rendering when a client is using Optifine shaders.


  • Updated Korean translation.
  • Updated Traditional Chinese translation.
  • Updated Simplified Chinese translation.
  • Updated Spanish translation.
  • Updated German translation.


  • Added AbstractClientEntity#setWireFrame.
  • Added AbstractClientEntity#isWireFrame.
  • Added RibbonEvent.
  • Added RibbonEvent.SetDisplayedRibbon with Pre and Post.
  • Added RibbonEvent.ReceiveRibbon with Pre and Post.
  • Added RibbonEvent.RemoveRibbon with Pre and Post.


Pixelmon-1.16.5-9.1.1-universal.jar(365.86 MiB) Primary Download

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