Portable Crafting Standalone is a Quilt mod allowing you to use a crafting table from your inventory.

It's partially adapted from portable-crafting from Charm.

Players with a crafting table in their inventory can use a hotkey (Default: v) to access the crafting menu at any time.


For those who prefer a GUI button, there is integration with Inventory Tabs from 1.2.0 onwards - which we recommend.


This mod uses the vanilla game's crafting screen, so is naturally compatible with other modded interactions with crafting tables, such as EMI - which we also recommend.

Further Info

We're primarily modpack developers - not mod developers! If you want to port this mod, do it yourself!

Though feel free to let us know if we can spruce anything on the implementation side - PRs and issues with code snippets are welcome as long as you can help us understand them.

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