Galaxies: Parzi's Star Wars Mod

Galaxies: Parzi's Star Wars Mod


Explore the galaxy with Galaxies: Parzi's Star Wars Mod!

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PSWG 0.0.115-alpha-1.20.2



  • Added thermal detonator
    • Can be primed before being thrown
    • Will explode in your inventory if left primed for too long or if you take explosion damage
    • Will bounce off different blocks before reaching its target
    • Can be thrown without being primed
    • Can be set off with blaster bolts
  • Added block of thermal detonators
  • Added rusted imperial panel stairs
  • Added rusted imperial panel slabs
  • Added 12 new imperial flooring blocks
  • Added 5 new imperial lighting panels
  • Added a medical corrugated crate
  • Added a new config option for servers that can disable destruction from PSWG sources, allowDestruction


  • Imperial blocks with "lit" and "unlit" variants have now been merged into single blocks
    • These blocks respond to redstone and to right-clicking with an empty hand to toggle the light
  • Updated texture for most imperial blocks
  • Updated texture for scaffolding blocks
  • Updated texture for fuel tank
  • Removed support for Sodium when Indium is not also installed
  • Dramatically improved cable rendering
  • Dramatically improved lightsaber and blaster bolt rendering when Iris is installed
  • Improved vertical slab placement interactions
  • Blasters now destroy some ice blocks


  • Blaster bolts no longer make the "fly-by" sound immediately when you shoot them
  • Fixed game hanging when loading with specific combinations of Sodium and Indium
  • Fixed loose sand texture
  • Fixed crash when opening and closing the character customizer in a certain order
  • Fixed crash when another mod overrides the player model but a species is still applied
  • Fixed hand rendering when a character was selected
  • Fixed a situation where editing your own character might edit a recently-customized mannequin instead
  • Fixed dragging the character to rotate it in the character customizer
  • Mannequins now are properly previewed in the character customizer when using the wizard
  • Fixed player models rotating at odd angles when mannequins are rendering nearby
  • Fixed some cubes being shown or hidden on mannequins at the wrong time due to gender or armor
  • Fixed left-handed lightsaber blocking
  • Fixed blocks missing most vanilla tags


pswg-0.0.115+1.20.2.jar(5.63 MiB) Primary Download

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