A library mod, primarily for RDS mods

Client and server Library

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This mod adds nothing on its own, rather, it is required by other mods!

What is RDSLib?

RDSLib is a simple library that adds many systems that are primarily used in RDS mods such as Masterful Mines.

Some examples are:

  • A simplified Rarity system in which you can change the style of an item, tab, etc.
  • A custom Armor system in which you can apply effects to a player based off the armor type they're wearing
  • A fully-fledged custom furnace system with integrations for JEI, EMI, and REI.

There is also a wiki which is a Work in Progress

Adding RDSLib as a dependency

With the release of vX.0.3.0, there is now a maven.

To use the maven, add

    maven {
        name = "Digitalunderworlds"
        url = "https://maven.digitalunderworlds.com/releases"
    // For SNAPSHOT releases, such as v4.0.3.0-SNAPSHOT-rc3
    maven {
        name = "Digitalunderworlds Snapshots"
        url = "https://maven.digitalunderworlds.com/snapshots"

to your repositories block.

Then you can implement "net.realdarkstudios:rdslib:${rdslib_ver}" in your dependencies block.

On your mod page, you might want to use a badge to indicate that RDSLib is needed, so this badge is provided to you:

RDSLib Required Badge

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