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[1.8.9-forge] Resourcify 1.3.0


Resourcify 1.3.0

New Features

  • Switch markdown rendering to MineMark, this is a brand-new library for rendering markdown. Some notable improvements over the previous implementation include:
    • Support for raw HTML tags
    • Support for tables
    • Support for links in images
    • Support for center and right alignment
    • Support for horizontal rule elements
  • Add support for localizations

If you find any issues please report them on GitHub or in my Discord


  • Use image resizing service ( on browse page, this increases image loading times on the browse page, especially on slower connections
  • Better multithreading for fetching images, can increase loading speed when a lot of things are being loaded at once
  • Allow 3 retries for fetching important data
  • Switch from kotlinx serialization to gson to decrease file size on legacy versions

Bug Fixes

  • Fix resource packs getting added at top after an update
  • Fix not being able to update a pack if the old and new filename match
  • Fix game crashing when not being able to fetch some resources
  • Fix classes loading on a wrong class loader on modern forge and causing log spam
  • Fix forge crashing when loading on server side (Resourcify is still client side only)
  • Fix not correctly applying shaders after update sometimes

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Resourcify (1.8.9-forge)-1.3.0.jar(7.86 MiB) Primary Download

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