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Sodium 0.5.6


  • Reverted back to the 20-byte vertex format, which fixes a number of lighting issues that were introduced with Sodium 0.5. (bug)
    • This will cause a slight performance regression, but there is no way to fix the bugs without accepting this.
  • The resource pack compatibility scanner has been improved significantly. (commit)
    • Resource pack authors can now silence certain warnings if they know the compatibility warnings are incorrect. (pr)
    • A compatibility report is now written to the game's log file with more information about the problems.
  • The compatibility checks for RivaTuner Statistics Server (RTSS) have been improved so that no crash will happen if a known compatible version is used. (bug)
    • Older versions are still not supported, and a pop-up error will be shown if it is detected.
  • Added support for using "fast clouds" with Sodium. (bug)
    • Please note, using "fast clouds" does not actually improve performance, since our optimized code for cloud rendering is already fast enough.
  • Improved compatibility with certain mods (i.e. Caxton) that have unusual vertex formats. (bug)
  • Improved compatibility with mods that use custom ColorResolvers. (bug)
  • Fixed an issue where other mods using special animated block rendering would not have their textures be animated. (pr)
  • Fixed texture alignment problems and other block rendering issues caused by the use of very high-resolution texture packs.
  • Added a pop-up message (with installation instructions) for when users attempt to double-click the Sodium JAR file. (code)
  • The Video Settings screen now has better descriptions of each option and their performance impact. (change)
  • Improved the UX for when the renderer config file is corrupt and can't be used.
    • A toast message is shown at startup, and the user is now prompted to reset the config file back to defaults when opening the Video Settings screen.
  • Fixed a warning message which could appear when compiling terrain shaders. (pr)
  • Fixed a number of problems which caused incorrect rendering between certain render regions. (bug)
  • Fixed a problem where the block shape culling cache would always generate a cache-miss after it had exceeded a certain size.
  • Fixed some block face culling problems that were caused by hureistics which were too aggressive.
  • Added a donation nag screen that appears after a few days have passed after installation.
    • This can be disabled permanently by changing the config option notifications.force_disable_donation_prompts to false.


sodium-fabric-0.5.6+mc1.20.1.jar(922.91 KiB) Primary Download

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