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Totally Enough Pain is a mod that super charges the Vanilla monsters to the next level! All changes are configurable and do require a restart. This mod is inspired by a set of ideas by bvanseg

- Villagers attacked by nearly all hostile mobs.

- All Creepers spawn super charged.

- Creepers attacks Iron Golems.

- Creepers chase you and blow up much closer to you.

- Zombies break doors much much faster.

- Enderman will always be aggro'd to you.

- Spiders attack in the day time.

- All Spiders now spawn as Jockeys.

- Phantoms no longer spawn based on your sleep timer.

- Skeletons have a much higher chance of spawning with enchanted gear.

- Ghasts explosions are much stronger, equal to a TNT Blast now.

- Blazes always spawn on fire.

- 30% Chance of Faster Adult Zombies/Zombified Piglins.

- Zombies/Zombie Piglins Gain Weapons based on Difficulty (Golden for Easy, Iron for Normal, Diamond for Hard).

- Zombified Piglins now attack on sight and attacks Villagers.

- Configurable Creeper Explosion power.

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