Trinkets and Baubles

Trinkets and Baubles


A Collection of Trinkets and Baubles by XzeroAir

Client and server AdventureEquipmentMagic

Created2 years ago
Updateda year ago

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A Collection of Trinkets and Baubles by XzeroAir, Formerly known as "First_Rain"

Although This mod can be used Standalone, I recommend using Baubles by Azanor with this mod

Hello All! Thanks for coming to my mod page, I'm a Novice modder and still learning, so your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated, and Although there might not be much going on between updates, I do try to check the page and comments at least every other day, so if you have any comments, good or bad, please feel free to post them, or any Suggestions you might have, all are welcome, as long as it fits the theme and it's within my ability, I will try my best to implement them, if the idea isn't added I do keep them written down for possible future projects.

A 1.16+ Version is Planned.
In versions going forward 0.32+, I will be splitting the Races, Fairy, Dwarf, etc into their own mod.

Links If you're bored, or just have Questions, a good place to get in contact with me quickly/quicker is on discord
Official Discord:

Artsy's Artwork
Artsy's Socials and Artwork

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As there are Other sites who have been reuploading this mod, I Have found it necessary to say the following.
I have given 502yue permission to reupload the mod on mcbbs.
But the Only Websites I personally Upload to is CurseForge and Modrinth, If you Find this Mod Anywhere Else, It's been done so without my Permission and Could Potentially be Unsafe.

You are free to add this mod to Public and private modpacks as long as you Credit Me or Azanor. You are allowed to use the source code in your own projects as long as you state the sections that are adapted from this mods source.

Thank you to those of you in the comments who gave feedback and suggestions.
also thank you to BlockBreaker1361 on the Github page for the Bauble Suggestion which I added in version 0.18 "Wither Ring".
Another Thank you to MigMolRod on the Github page for the Bauble Suggestion Which I added in version 0.19 "Ender Queen's Crown".
Thank you to Z-Tunic for helping make the Texture for the "Ring of the Titans".
Thank you to NyanMinecrafter for helping maintain the wiki.
Thank you to 502y for helping translate the mod into Chinese.

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