Troll Commands

Troll Commands


This mod adds a bunch of commands you can use to troll your friends!

Client and server

Created3 years ago
Updated6 days ago

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This mod adds a bunch of commands you can use to troll your friends!  

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Venmo: @SmushyTaco

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Required Dependencies:


Fabric API

Fabric Language Kotlin

Cloth Config API (Fabric)

Mod Menu  
Seizure Warning:

This mod's commands makes images appear on your screen and makes audio play through your speakers and depending on your medical conditions it may induce a seizure for you. Stay safe, you have been warned!  

1. /crash - This command will make a random picture cover your screen and kick you from any server you're on 1 second later with a "Flying is not enabled on this server" message.

2. /jumpscare - This command will make a picture of the exorcist cover your screen and will have a very loud screaming audio clip play (Lower your volume)

3. /hotdog - This command will make a picture of a hotdog appear on your screen.

4. /rickroll - This command will play Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley.

5. /amongus - This command will make a picture of the Among Drip meme cover your screen.

6. /pumpkin - This command will play the meme of the dude saying pumpkin

7. /replay - This command will play Replay by Iyaz

When on a server in order to force the command to be ran for somebody else type the following: /(command) (username)

So if you wanted to force a jumpscare on me you would type /jumpscare SmushyTaco and the jumpscare would appear on my screen.

When a command is ran, it's ran as a toggle (Unless you're running the crash command) meaning you need to run the command again to toggle it off.

If you don't want to be trolled by a command there's an option to disable the ability for you to be trolled for each command in the config!  
Malicious Use:

I really don't need to say this but for all the karens out there, I do not condone nor support this mod being used in any malicious way. That was the main reason I implemented a config to disable aspects of the mod for yourself you aren't comfortable with having enabled. On top of this in order for somebody to use this mod on you it would need to installed on the client of the user and on the server the user is on so it seems silly to try to say this mod is anything else but a mod you can use with some friends to have some fun.  
Notice: Since this mod is under the GNU Lesser General Public License version 3 (LGPLv3) you can do whatever the license says you can, everything below are just some guidelines I'd like you guys to follow.  

Yes you can use this mod in your modpack as long as you aren't selling the modpack (Optional donations are okay but no pop-up ads or anything like and as long as you link this page for the mod.  

NO! You may NOT rehost (reupload) this mod on any website you have to link back to this page if you want to make a post about this mod.  
Known Bugs:

So far none, if you run into a bug be sure to report your issue under the Issues tab (and be sure to follow the Issue template!).  
Forge Port:

This mod will never be ported to Forge by me. If you want to port the mod to Forge by all means, go ahead I won't stop you.  

Yes this mod can be used on your server! It's needed on both the client and on the server.

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