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BlanketCon 2022

The official modpack for the BlanketCon 2022 in-game modding event


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To install BlanketCon 2022, visit our documentation which provides instructions on using ATLauncher, MultiMC, and PolyMC.

BlanketCon 22

BlanketCon is a new in-game Minecraft modding convention, hosted by ModFest and QuiltMC and open to all mod enthusiasts and developers! Come check out a custom modpack and convention world full of mods of all kinds - old favorites, new up-and-comers, hidden gems, and more! Inspired by BTM and powered by Quilt Loader on Minecraft 1.18.2, we're striving to create a fun, cozy, and silly atmosphere to celebrate Minecraft modding as a whole!


  • A pack full of mods of all levels of notability!
  • Panels, keynotes, and more from modders all across the Minecraft modding community and beyond!
  • Booths, demos, games, and more showing off the creativity of our developers!
  • A pink flamingo! Wait, how did that get in here?

For more info, please see the website!