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Welcome to Burgercraft, this pack has been made for the Burgercraft server despite its name does not contain any burgers. This pack content mods ranging from the tech landscape of create and mekanism to the magical lands of blood magics and ars nouveau.

The pack itself was made in mind to be light weight for all those playing the server while giving a range of different mods to dive into and enjoy, the pack gets frequent updates adding new stuff to enjoy time and time again and refresh the experience at a constant pace so you don’t burn through content. The pack also includes a voice chat mod to allow for proximity chat to allow for a more connected and lively experience as you play the game among those on the server.

Some of the Big Mods within the pack include:

The pack also has many more smaller mods and big mods which can be found within the mods list.

The pack itself also includes shaders to allow for a much more lovely looking game and to allow your bases and homes to truly stand bright. The shaders included are Complementary Reimagined which are a stunning set of shaders which work on most machines and are in general some of the most balanced out there or you can add your own shaders to suit your own taste at ease.

Heres some screenshots of stuff to expect within the pack.

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