To install Enhanced Legacy, visit our documentation which provides instructions on using ATLauncher, MultiMC, and Prism Launcher.

Coming soon: v1.0.0. Isn't it already v3.6.10? Yes, but a big update is coming, which will be fully compatible with the current latest version - I just think it's about time I refreshed the page and version numbering, and began the next generation of this pack. Don't worry, you aren't losing anything, I just wanted to take the chance to reset the version numbering and update the modpack page with the upcoming Progression Update, which will now encompass even more than originally intended, again, all fully compatible with your existing save - this will be no different to any other update.

I suck at explaining this pack, so bear with me, or just try it out yourself.

Enhanced Legacy completely reimagines vanilla Minecraft, overhauling and refreshing it in a way that still feels true to the original. With over 250 mods, it's a massive pack to be sure, but a large amount of resources are spent on adding depth to already-existing features, and my hundreds of hours spent fine-tuning this pack ensure a complete, organic experience. It shines a new light on Minecraft, ensuring that all aspects of the game receive the necessary attention - and it's not afraid to make big changes where necessary. Enhanced Legacy is the perfect pack for both those who enjoy vanilla and those looking for their next big modpack.

Unlike many other big packs, while a large amount of new content is added, care is taken to ensure vanilla features are not invalidated, and to ensure the game still feels like Minecraft.

Many core aspects of the game are completely overhauled, with completely reworked progression, ore economies, worldgen, combat and much, much more. I could not begin to describe what makes this pack great, but here are a few features:

  • Visual Upgrade - with preset shaders and a perfect balance of mod-powered resources, the vanilla look has never looked better.

  • Combat Overhaul - combat has been updated and completely rebalanced, with a strong focus on improving and adding variety to existing vanilla items, rather than taking the approach of adding 100 new weapon archetypes

  • Overworld Reimagined - world generation has seen a significant upgrade, not just in new biomes but in the actual landscape generation, providing a vastly improved overworld that still feels vanilla. There are a plethora of new and reworked structures to explore, and a strong focus has been put on ensuring spawn rates are balanced, to preserve that feeling where this is your world, rather than throw a hundred structures at you every couple of chunks. Variety and quality is far more important than quantity.

  • Nether Expanded - with new, vanilla-esque biomes and structures, the nether has more variety than ever before, without compromising its original feeling or vibe. Explore new structures, find new loot and discover new biomes.

  • The End - the end never felt like the end of the game, it felt like a necessary step to truly begin. Now, your journey to the end has been revamped, and you will now need to find 12 of 16 eyes throughout your journeys across your world. In addition, the ender dragon fight has seen an upgrade, and the vastness beyond the spawn island only feels emptier with beautifully desolate new biomes.

There's so much more, and I don't have any way of explaining just what makes this pack great. It doesn't matter who you are.

Enhanced Legacy is the modpack for people who enjoy Minecraft.

And I can't say much more than that. Please, give it a try, just install it and take a look - I promise you won't regret it. I'm happy to chat about it on Discord if you still aren't sure if it's the right pack for you, but I assure you, if you like Minecraft, it is.

IWant to chat, report bugs or provide your feedback. If so, join the official Discord server here!

This modpack has 6gb of ram allocated by default, however I recommend increasing it if you have at least 16-32gb of ram. This pack will likely not function properly with less than 4gb of allocated ram


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----Installing the Modpack----

To install the modpack, you will need an appropriate launcher. I recommend either the launcher I use, ATLauncher, or PrismLauncher. You can refer to the Modrinth documentation on installing and playing modpacks linked here

------Server Installation------

Kinetic Hosting offers automatic installations for all modpacks with server files, including Enhanced Legacy! This means that, with the click of a button, you can update or install this modpack and switch to another as you desire! If you need to set up the pack manually, check below. Check out Kinetic Hosting here!

If you need to install a server yourself, you can install the mrpack onto your server by referring to the Modrinth documentation and installing the mrpack using the tool here (also linked in the documentation)

----Server Requirements----

I highly recommend your server has at least 6gb of ram available to ensure a smooth experience, however it may need more if you have a large amount of players. You may be able to get away with 5gb in certain conditions, but a minimum of 6gb is highly recommended.

Followed the instructions and still need help? Join the Official Discord linked above and I will help you as best I can.

Super Nice People That Have Given Me Permission To Use Their Project(s):

StevePlayzz - Nether’s Delight Fabric Port

Dominik - Just an End Anchor and Mushroom Additions

Bonus credit to PureJosh for letting me use their textures in my mods, which are featured in this pack

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