Well-rounded 1.18.2 modpack with a bit of everything. Made with love. 💚

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To install Heck, visit our documentation which provides instructions on using ATLauncher, MultiMC, and Prism Launcher.

Heck is a Minecraft 1.18.2 Forge modpack with a healthy mix of both Modrinth and CurseForge mods. It features a little bit of everything: Technology, automation, magic, decoration, building, exploration, ... This modpack was initially created for use in a private server run for friends, though with time and as more effort was put into making it into its own thing, it only made sense to make it available for everyone to have fun with.

Careful considerations have been put into configuring mods and making them work together. Also through extensive use of KubeJS, providing unification of materials, recipe additions and changes where it makes sense.

Featured Mods

Heck currently has 160+ mods. A full modlist can be seen here.
To give you a rough idea of what this modpack feels like, here are some of the "core" mods:

  • Create and many of its addons for more content and compatibility with other mods.
  • Thermal Series mods such as Thermal Expansion for all your processing needs.
  • Immersive Engineering for pretty machines and building blocks, currently the only way to transfer power.
  • Farmer's Delight for all your food and farming needs, and amazing integration with additional mods.
  • Ars Nouveau and addons to become a powerful mage through crafting custom spells.
  • Malum and Botania to round out your magical experience with more options.
  • Alex's Mobs and Untamed Wilds to add more variety to the animals and mobs in the world.
  • Terralith and Biomes O' Plenty, as well as many structure and dungeon mods, for your exploration needs.

There are many more amazing gems to be found in the pack that would be too numerous to list here, so again: Check the full modlist. It even has short descriptions for each mod to give you an idea what they are about!

Alternative Installation

Heck is created with the use of packwiz, a tool that makes developing modpacks easier. Using it there is an alternative way to install the pack, optionally with automatic updating, which will download mod files directly from Modrinth and even CurseForge without the need for redistribution.

Contact & Contributing

Heck has no Discord. General feedback and praise can be sent to @koppeh.
Suggestions, issues and pull requests are welcome at the modpack's Gitea repository.