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Infinity Plus is a Fabric 1.20 modpack inspired by 20w14infinite, the April Fools snapshot for the never-released Ultimate Content Update.

Infinity Plus is powered by the Infinite Dimensions mod and Ultimate Content Mod.

Infinity Plus is currently in its Beta Testing Phase. Updates will likely drastically change dimensions, and many of the "easter egg" dimensions are still in a work in progress state. As always, regular backups are encouraged.

What is 20w14infinite?

20w14infinite was an April Fools update for Minecraft, where tossing a written book into a Nether Portal creates one of 2,147,483,645 procedurally generated dimensions, based off the contents of the book. Exploring these random dimensions allows players to gain resources as normal, allowing for all sorts of builds with block palettes that are otherwise hard to get in a default Vanilla game.

Infinity Plus takes the gameplay changes and new mechanics from 20w14infinite and re-implements them in 1.20! Explore all new dimensions with the new blocks and items since 1.16's official release, alongside new generator options and all new dimensions!

If you're more interested in the original snapshot, you should also try Simply Infinite! It's an optimization modpack for 20w14infinite.

How To Play

  • After downloading the pack, get started as normal. Once you have a base set up and enough supplies for a Nether Portal, you're ready to explore. To start, write whatever you want into a Book and Quill, and throw the book into the Portal. Then, right click the portal. Now, going into this portal will create a new dimension based off the seed written in the book.
  • Something to try: There's all new hard coded Easter Egg dimensions. Try using the names of these dimensions as your dimensional seed, a great one to get started with is the 'library' dimension.


This pack would not be possible without the incredible work of LeraRiemann on the Infinite Dimensions mod. This pack would not be possible without it.

Mod Licenses

Some mods and add-ons included in the pack are not available on Modrinth. The following is a list of these additions, as well as their licenses.

LitematicaThis pack includes maruohon's Litematica. This mod is available under the GPL from GitHub.
MaLiLibThis pack includes maruohon's malilib. This mod is available under the GPL from GitHub.
Ultimate Dimension PackThis pack contains a custom datapack in order to register additional mod dimensions. It was developed by myself for use in this pack.
Ultimate Experiment PackThis pack contains a custom resource pack containing new WIP textures for the Box of Infinite Books and An Ant. It was developed by myself for use in this pack.
Unity Unity by CyanideX is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. It has been modified for compatibility with 1.20.

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