Infinite Dimensions

Infinite Dimensions


Inspired by 2020's April Fools' 20w14infinite Snapshot, this mod brings endless randomly generated dimensions into Minecraft.

Client and server AdventureWorld Generation

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Infinite Dimensions

Infinite Dimensions is a mod that reworks and reimagines 20w14infinite - the April Fools' snapshot of 2020 - in Minecraft 1.20.1.

Get a book and quill, write anything in it and throw it into a nether portal - and the portal will change its color before your eyes. Beyond lies one of 2.1+ billion dimensions this mod can generate! Whacky terrain, crazy sky colors and funky flora made out of random blocks - there's a possibility to find all this and more on the other side.

Before using the portal, right-click it to unlock it (it'll emit a beacon sound signaling success; if it doesn't, you just discovered a bug, report it!). There's a config option to require players to use a determined item in that interaction (like a diamond) - which will consume the item, adding some additional cost to opening new dimensions. However, you don't need such a key by default.

Most features in the mod are fully configurable in terms of their spawning chances and block selection weights. This allows you to easily introduce blocks (mobs, fluids etc.) from other mods to this mod's dimensions - or, say, remove the chance for dimensions where netherite generates instead of stone. A detailed guide on how to use all the config options may be accessed on the wiki.

Please make sure to report any problems you have with the mod (i'm well aware problems may arise, it's alpha after all) on its issue tracker. By "problems" i mean anything that leads to excessive lag, mass entity spawning, broken datapack creation etc. under default mod configuration. When doing so, please make sure to include the world seed as well as the dimension seed (or alternatively the text used to generate the dimension). The dimension seed can be seen on the F3 screen in a line like "infinity:generated_13643626 FC: 0" - in this case, 13643626 is the seed.


I appreciate BasiqueEvangelist for helping with runtime dimension registration and his permission to port a part of his code.

This mod also has copyright-free music from ivory rosewood - she's an amazing person, check her out! - that i hid among the dimensions. See if you're able to find it out there, it's pretty rare :D

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