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To install Vanillish, visit our documentation which provides instructions on using ATLauncher, MultiMC, and Prism Launcher.


A lightweight and beautiful almost vanilla experience.

What Vanillish adds to the table compared to other modpacks, are quality of life (QoL) mods such as Mouse Tweaks to make your experience better, aesthetic mods such as Iris Shaders to make Minecraft look good, and optimization mods such as Sodium to make Minecraft fast and performant.

Vanillish doesn’t change any sort of gameplay - it fully sticks to the original. Which, of course, means that it can be used with any vanilla server (and vanilla singleplayer worlds)! There are no new blocks or items added in the modpack, and there aren’t any malicious mods (such as cheats) that could get you banned by servers.

⚙️ Installation

MultiMC Auto-Updating Pack (recommended)


This is a MultiMC pack. You can import it into MultiMC and its forks (e.g. Prism Launcher) by Add Instance > Import from zip.

Modrinth Pack (convenient)


This modpack is hosted with Modrinth and is a one-off. You can visit their documentation for more information on how to install Modrinth modpacks.

There are no CurseForge mods included in any way, so no need to worry!

🗃️ Mods

🔧 Scripts

Maintenance scripts are written in Deno.