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Highlights / Notes

Faster map-data format, animated textures, refactored map-updates and world/dimension-handling, new map-storage implementation AND BlueMap-native addons! =)

Upgrading from 5.0 or 5.1

You were already using the latest 5.x snapshot/rc? Then don't have to do anything! Just replace the .jar-file :)

Upgrading from any other version (3.x or 4.x)

A clean re-installation is highly recommended! You WILL need to re-render all your maps.

  • Shut down your server
  • Make a backup
  • Delete your current BlueMap-??-??.jar
  • Delete the BlueMap config directory (./plugins/BlueMap or ./config/bluemap, depending on your platform)
  • Delete the BlueMap data directory (the ./bluemap folder in your server root)
  • Delete any existing BlueMap-databases (All tables on your db starting with bluemap_, only if you were using an sql-storage)
  • Follow the usual installation steps

If you are using an external webserver or any other custom setup: Revisit the wiki-pages and update your configuration accordingly! Relevant changes:

  • The .json.gz files are now .prbm.gz files
  • The textures.json is now also compressed (textures.json.gz)
  • The sql-tables have changed and the sql.php got updated accordingly

Changelog since 5.1

  • Updated sponge to SpongeAPI 11
  • Fixed CLI still generating the old resourcpacks folder

Changelog since 3.21 (condensed)

  • Switched hires-model format from json to a custom binary format: prbm (slightly modified version of prwm)
    • Massive performance improvement when loading map-tiles in the browser
    • Slightly smaller on the storage
    • Slightly faster to render
  • Added animated textures
  • Refactored Chunk-Loading and World management
    • Added dimension config to the map configs
    • Removed world-sky-light config from the map configs
  • Full rewrite of the map-updating system
    • Chunk change detection is now fully based on chunk-timestamps instead a mix with region-timestamps
    • BlueMap will now delete already rendered parts of the map if the world got trimmed or chunks got otherwise removed from the world
    • Changing the map-edges is now possible without purging the map
    • Added command to force-update only map-tiles on map-edges
    • Added debug command for checking map-tile states
  • Correctly separated ResourcePacks and DataPacks
    • Biomes are now fully DataPack based (internally)
    • Renamed resourcepacks folder to packs (still accepting both, resource- and data-packs)
    • Removed support for bluemaps biomes.json file in resource/data-packs (use the datapack format to configure custom biomes)
  • Full map-storage implementation rewrite
  • Add first implementation of a native-addon loader
    • Addon devs now have the ability to make their addon loadable by bluemap directly instead of depending on a mod/plugin loader
    • A limited version of the API is now also available on the CLI implementation, which can be used with native addons
    • Addons can also make use of BlueMapCore and BlueMapCommon for extended functionality
    • Native addons are EXPERIMENTAL right now
  • Downloading vanilla-resources now considers all available minecraft versions
  • Added support for nested resourcepacks (introduced in 1.20.2)
  • Added resources for signs, hanging-signs, banners, shulker-chests, bell, mob/player-heads, (decorated-)pots and cake (thanks to @TyBraniff, #536)
  • Allow texture-variables with missing # in certain situations to align with vanilla behaviour (fixes loading of some resourcepacks/mods) (thanks to @glorantq, #525)
  • Removed the pretty-printing from the settings.json to discourage editing it manually
  • Added -m flag to the cli which allows to specify certain maps that should be rendered
  • Added -e flag to the cli which works similar as -f but only forces updating map-tiles on map-edges
  • Add option to display chunk-borders on the map (thanks to @TechnicJelle, #542)
  • Map-settings now load in parallel to speed up initial page-loading with many maps (thanks to @Salzian, #538)
  • Added/Updated serbian, ukraine, russian, finnish, turkish, french and zh_CN translations
  • Fixed render-issues with custom world-heights
  • Fixed empty block-states having the wrong block-properties
  • Fixed lowres-heightmaps not working below y0
  • Fixed an error with self-healing when a textures file is corrupted
  • Fixed unlisted markers being counted in the marker-set gui
  • Fixed sql.php port config not being used
  • Fixed grass-sides sometimes not being colored correctly (#492)
  • Fixed popup-marker sometimes hiding behind other markers
  • Fixed flickering with some animated textures introduced in 4.1
  • Fixed webapp menu-title of player-markers not translatable

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