Upload and download WorldEdit schematics from the comfort of your Discord server

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DiscordSchematicUploader allows users to upload and download WorldEdit schematics from Discord using DiscordSRV.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you are using DiscordSchematicUploader 1.6.0 or earlier, update immediately! Later versions contain a patch for a potential exploit.


DiscordSchematicUploader requires WorldEdit (or one of its forks) and DiscordSRV to function. You will need these before going any further.

Installation itself is easy, simply drag and drop the plugin into your plugins folder. Once you have done this, restart your server.

The plugin should create a config.yml file which you can edit to change some settings and messages for the plugin. One of the first things you will need to do is add to the list of allowed roles for the upload and download commands. The comments and examples in the config will explain how to do this.


!upload [-o][-g or -p with FastAsyncWorldEdit] with an attached file: Upload a schematic to your server. Use the -o flag to overwrite an existing schematic.

!download [-g or -p with FastAsyncWorldEdit] <name>: Download a schematic from the server.

Schematic Upload Channels

This plugin allows you to designate channels where any schematic file that is uploaded will be automatically processed, regardless of whether a command is run.


Support for Per-Player Schematics

This plugin supports FastAsyncWorldEdit's per-player schematic feature. See the config for more details.

Other features

  • Fully customisable messages.
  • [Coming soon] Ability to prevent upload of a schematic if it contains certain banned blocks, entities, messages or anything else you can think of.

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