HuskHomes v3.0.4 - Bug fixes


⚠️ Upgrading from v2.11.2? Follow these steps!

HuskHomes 3.0.4 fixes more bugs that cropped up in previous releases, including an issue preventing random teleport cooldowns from working.

  • Migrated the locale system to MineDown-adventure and ported the plugin chat system to the adventure platform. The #getLocale method provided by the API has thus changed to return a MineDown-adventure object.
  • Fixed a bug where executing the /tpaccept and /tpdecline commands without specifying a player argument and without having any pending requests would cause an exception in console (#228)
  • Fixed a problem that meant the server name would not be properly fetched and cached in many cases in cross-server setups (#231)
  • Fixed a bug that meant anyone could create public homes regardless of them having the COMMAND_EDIT_HOME_PRIVACY node
  • Fixed a bug that meant certain values in the config file couldn't be edited (#220)
  • Fixed it not being possible to return by death with /back after you had respawned cross-server via the global respawning feature (#221)
  • Fixed an issue that meant viewing the private home list of another user would not update if they set an additional home (#222)
  • Fixed the error_edit_home_maximum_public_homes locale not having its' placeholder inserted
  • Fixed an issue that meant the return by death via /back prompts when respawning would still appear even if the base permission node for /back was not set (#234)
  • Fixed an issue that meant teleportation cancellation prompts would not respect the warmup message display config setting
  • Fixed an issue that meant the random teleport cooldown would not apply to users self-executing the command (#224)

This release requires an update for HuskHomesGUI (v2.0.1). Please update the GUI plugin too!

To update from v3.0.x, you should regenerate your messages.yml file (delete messages-xx-xx.yml in your /plugins/HuskHomes/ folder and drag+drop the jar file). If you are upgrading from 2.11.2, you will need to follow these steps.


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