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  • Added 1.20 & 1.20.1 support
  • Removed everything that should not be exposed in the API module and added API for layouts
  • Pet name fix feature was removed from the main plugin and released as a separate plugin.
  • Ping spoof feature was removed
  • Removed Vault hook. According to bStats, 88% of servers that use TAB use LuckPerms and 5.6% use nothing. Other permission plugins are still supported when assigning groups by permissions.
  • %vault-prefix% and %vault-suffix% got removed. You can use their PlaceholderAPI alternative or the internal LuckPerms placeholders
  • %afk% got removed, use %essentials_afk% for essentials and %purpur_player_afk% for purpur's afk detection
  • %essentialsnick% got officially removed, it was already partially removed previously only returning player's name
  • Placeholder refresh interval categories were merged. Relational placeholders still have to start with %rel_, so those are not a problem. You are no longer able to specify server placeholders manually. Only those from server expansion are now registered as server placeholders.
  • Added Fabric support. Due to nature of Fabric being unable to support more than 1 server version in a single jar, the release only supports 1.20.
  • Moved layout.yml content to config.yml
  • Feature are no longer being disabled in worlds/servers, but a disable-condition was introduced. It allows more customization. Bossbar and scoreboard got this option completely removed, as each configured object has display-condition already.
  • Layout now properly hides vanished players only from those, who shouldn't see them (previously everyone had the same view). This opens new options for the future.
  • Many other small changes and bug fixes


TAB v4.0.1.jar(1.16 MiB) Primary Download

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