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Nametags (scoreboard team assignment)

Sorting players in tablist

Tablist name formatting

Playerlist scoreboard objective (the yellow number in tablist)

Belowname scoreboard objective (below player name tags)

BossBar messages

Global playerlist on bungeecord

Sidebar scoreboard

Per world playerlist

Placeholder support

Placeholder output replacements

RGB Support

Conditional placeholders

High performance

Issues you may experience and are not caused by the plugin

  • Citizens NPCs will appear in tablistfor a short period of time each time you get near them. This is not caused by TAB and cannot be avoided (

  • [1.5.x - 1.12.x] You may see unwanted space at the end of a line of texteven if you didn't configure any. This is a client sided bug. To avoid it, add &r after ending bold segment (for example prefix &4&lAdmin_&r_ &6).

  • [1.14.x] Sneaking nametag effect on armor stands does not display correctly. If the feature using armorstands is enabled, plugin will despawn them completely now.

  • [1.15.x] Using &m (strikethrough) and &n (underline) does not work in header and last line of scoreboard.