Modern vanish system for your server with Velocity support

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Easy to install

There isn't that many usable vanish plugin out there and there is zero vanish plugin for Velocity networks. VelocityVanish also supports multiple platforms like Spigot, Paper, Purpur, etc... as a back-end server.

Feature packed

Everything you want and need from a vanishing plugin for your Minecraft server is right here! Also, there is a bunch of API methods and events that you can use to create addons for the plugin and add new features.

Quality support

You're able to join our Discord and get help very quickly, up to instantly.

Up to date

The plugin is not abandoned. It is constantly getting updated to fix reported bugs and get new optimizations that can help it run as smoothly as possible, whilst still doing what you want it to do.

No database required

You don't need any database config to use this plugin. It automatically sync vanish data between servers using the plugin messaging feature. Note: The only limitation is updating vanish data in empty servers is not possible so it sends data to empty servers after at least one player joins them. So there is a 1seconds delay to update vanish data on a server after the first player joins.

High performance

Unlike other plugins where "high performance" often means your CPU usage will be high, VelocityVanish doesn't use any database system and updates data using plugin messaging in Velocity networks.