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Default Dark Mode 1.7.10 (2023.6.0)


What's Changed

  • Add support for Inventorio by @nebuIr in #62
  • Improve mod list in by @srnyx in
  • Update EMI textures by @nebuIr in #102
  • Add support for Brewin and Chewin and Farmer's Respite by @WastelandOasis in
  • Update ae2wtlib by @nebuIr in #120
  • Make hotbar darker by @nebuIr in 11e8b46
  • Darken gamemode switcher slots by @nebuIr in 6e0dbb5
  • Make small improvements to beacon by @nebuIr in 9ca9834
  • Remove some rogue pixels by @nebuIr in b933344
  • Fix some non-darkened pixels for brewing stand by @nebuIr in db5d36f

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