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Default HD

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The normal Minecraft experience but in amazing 128x HD! Gives a shaders feel without the awful FPS drop!

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Created7 months ago
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The normal Minecraft experience but in amazing 128x HD! With better HD shading, this pack is different from the rest without a performance hit! Gives a shaders feel without the awful FPS drop! I originally created this pack as there was no real/definitive default experience in HD with better shading. This does not just add more pixels like, for example, faithful. This keeps the original style and pixels, just shaded and in HD.

Back when I made this back in 2015, it was an instant hit, and I kept it up to date until 1.8 where I then took a hiatus from the community, however, I am back and better than ever and want to give you (the people) what the want and request. So After countless people asking me to update this pack, I am finally doing it. Current build (alpha) is for 1.16x but is not complete. This will be a long project as there is a lot of changes since I was gone. In this time I have created a few sky packs, most notably my largest project to date Dramatic Skys. To support me and the time I will be putting into this project, I have a Patreon set up where you can support me.

Both 256x and 512x versions of the pack are now on Patreon!

Coming to the pack soon! PBR Mapping! gif1

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Please consider becoming a Patreon to help me along the way with the pack. Means the world to me and allows me to dedicate more time to the progress of the texture pack. I also have a Discord Community dedicated to the project you are more than welcome to join!

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Patreon Info

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(Please NOTE: This pack looks much better with Optifine, but does not require it. Though it is recommended)


Please do not steal/modify textures unless for personal uses only! Do not create downloads for this on your own! Always link back to this site due to it being the original location. Texture Pack and details belong to thebaum64 (Christian Baum) Thank you!

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