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Beta 1.12


The Big Beta

I'd call this version 1.0 but it's not quite there yet.

Resource pack? Never heard of 'em!

I've implemented a new integrated PBR system which lets me much more easily set parameters for blocks. So far added are all metal blocks and gemstones, as well as foliage, grass, and sand.

2024-07-19_00 52 46

Inspired by Photon, leaves have a subtle specular sheen as well as...

Scattering of the subsurface variety

This was easier than expected. Thanks to Tech for helping me out with it!

2024-07-18_01 26 03

Specular Highlights

Why weren't these here in the first place? Ask Bruce, but they're here now! This means reflective surfaces will now look a lot better, even without SSR applied to them. 2024-07-16_01 46 21

Slippery When Wet

When it's raining, the rain itself is now actually visible, although it doesn't look amazing so I may replace this with something procedural in the future. Blocks will now appear wet in the rain, even without a resource pack. 2024-07-18_14 58 05

Directional Lighting (experimental)

Why's it experimental? Because it doesn't work on NVIDIA GPUs and I haven't had a chance to fix this. Thanks to CyanEmber for getting me started on this. 7B2CEA5AF5-9433-4310-83CD-E18D3AED1E6B7D

And more!

  • Complete overhaul of the settings menu, including some profiles.
  • The second composite pass was completely overhauled, allowing transparent stuff which doesn't write to the depth buffer to render.
  • Improved water and nether fog significantly.
  • Added a basic end skybox.
  • Rough reflections now use Interleaved Gradient Noise for microfacet generation.
  • Metals now use F82 values with the Lazanyi Schlick function, giving better Fresnel coefficients.

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