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Super Duper Vanilla 1.3.1


Version Changelogs:

  • Adjusted VL gradient

  • Adjusted tonemapper

  • Adjusted auto exposure

  • Adjusted fog calculation

  • Adjusted lava calculation

  • Adjusted weather visuals

  • Adjusted fresnel calculation

  • Fixed potential issues

  • Fixed SSAO on lightning

  • Fixed reflection "blob" at low angles

  • Fixed lava uv when POM is enabled

  • Fixed terrain appearing brighter than usual

  • Fixed vanilla clouds having incorrect shading

  • Fixed sky horizon lighting not rendering correctly in the End

  • Fixed color issue when changing render quality lower than 1x

  • Fixed floating text when POM is enabled (may not work on Iris)

  • Improved vignette

  • Improved auto generated normals

  • Implemented directional lightmaps

  • Added flat water albedo option

  • Added normal map strength option

  • Added border fog to VL and fixed silhouette

  • Added resolution slider for auto generated normals

  • Added froglights, item frame, mangroove, sculk, and prismarine blocks to Default PBR

  • Added smooth materials to redstone lamp, shroomlight, sea lantern, glowstone, and froglights

  • Removed background floating text

  • Disabled edge highlight outlines by default (can still be enabled in settings)

  • Decreased redstone block emissiveness

  • Increased bloom strength back to 20% (0.16>>0.20)

  • Lens flare is hidden if darkness effect is active

  • Changed hardcoded gamma to 2.0

  • Moved sunPathRotation to settings.glsl

  • Slightly stronger f0 for water

  • Configuration settings optimization

  • Massive optimizations to lighting

  • Faster border fog calculation

  • Faster VL calculation

  • Massive code formatting

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