Arboria is a world generation datapack that improves most vanilla overworld biomes. The datapack's goal is to aesthetically overhaul the world without changing the progression too much.


Arboria adds:

  • Better looking trees
  • Lakes and ponds in most biomes
  • Occasional boulders and rocks
  • More ground variation (example: coarse dirt mixed with grass)
  • Tiny islands in oceans
  • Many biome-specific features

The datapack doesn't change:

  • Tree type distribution (example: acacia trees only generate in savanna biomes)
  • Flower and plant distribution (example: blue orchids can only grow in swamps)
  • Biome layout
  • Terrain shape (mountains aren't higher or lower)
  • Biome grass color, water color and sky color


Arboria doesn't work on realms.

The datapack is not compatible with any mod or datapack that modifies overworld surface biomes. It is compatible with mods and datapacks that change nether, end or cave biomes.

Arboria works with datapacks and mods that add new biomes in addition to vanilla biomes (Terralith, BYG, WWOO, etc.). Just make sure Arboria has a higher load priority (put it above Terralith/WWOO when adding datapacks to your world).
Note that the biomes were not designed to be used with other worldgen datapacks/mods and may look out of place with surrounding biomes.

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