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Title A Cobblemon Addon That adds The Ability Battle bond and Ash-Greninja to cobblemon


When you find a wild Greninja, it has a chance of being a special version of greninja that has battle bond, if this is the case when its freindship is increased it can change into an incomplete form of ash greninja 3 times, which will increase its stats a little more each time

once its evolve and deevolved 3 times, you will be able to evolve into the complete form of ash greninja, which can de-evolve and re-evolve into the complete form at any time outside of battle

when greninja is in its complete form it gets the following buffs

  • 50+ Attack
  • 50+ Special Attack
  • 10+ speed

coming to a total of 110+ Base stat total


just like with any cobblemon Addon, in order to install this you need to locate your resource pack folder, and your worlds datapack folder, then copy paste it or put a download of each into each folder, then apply them in game

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