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Book of Experience

Isn't it annoying that you only get 7 levels back when you die?

With this data pack you can store all your experience in an item, that you can pick up when dying or even store in chests.


You can just open the Book of Experience and store your levels in it by clicking on the text.

The XP is stored in the item and is neither lost nor reduced when dying.

You can put the item in any container. If you, for example, put it into an Ender Chest, it will be easily accessible to you.

The Book of Experience also allows XP to be used for trading, by dropping one, that has experience in it, to another player.

How to get

To craft the Book of Experience, place 4 Amethyst Shards, 2 Gold Ingots, 2 Emeralds and a Book in a crafting table, like seen in the image above.

If you are OP you can also use the following function command to give yourself the item:

function give:book_of_experience/book_of_experience


Thanks to Sengee for creating the beautiful book layout!

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