Camps. Castles. Carriages.

Camps. Castles. Carriages.

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Add more medieval-fairy-tale style structures to your vanilla world!

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Feel that the overworld is too lonely? Try this out. This mod add many fairy-tale style structures to your world.

1️⃣Castle of the Undead

A lost castle occupied by the undead army! You can take them down and take the castle back.

But watch out, there is a boss guarding in the hall. View more details in the gallery.

2️⃣Wandering Trader's Camp

Those traders always come out of nowhere? Well, now they have shelters!

Sometimes their llamas will get lost. If you help to find it, they will pay you!

But be careful,sometimes the illusioners will disguise as traders, waiting for you!

3️⃣Pillagers' Camp

These villains ain‘t always on patrol.

4️⃣Pillagers' Broken Carriage

Why so hurry? Now they are trapped on the plains, with bunches of loots! But careful, they are still dangerous.

5️⃣Witch's Wagon

Where do witches make their potions when they are so far away from their huts in the swamp?

6️⃣Piglins' Camp

I mean, piglins are apparently civilized creatures, right? They can't be hanging around in the crimson forest forever.

There's more than that! Now you will find a new mini boss during your trip in the Nether. Be careful! It shoots firework rocket that can track the target.

7️⃣The Red Roof Castle

Back in the old times, Humans and villagers lived together. But now there are only villagers remain in the red roofs.

8️⃣The Ruined Drum Tower

A mysterious ancient drum tower, ruined by foreign invaders. Would you choose to fix it, or will you just take the treasure left there away?

9️⃣Pillagers' Prison Van

So that's how they get iron golems in their outpost?

There is surely more content to come!


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