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Cavernous Bare-bones includes only the world generation of the Cavernous datapack so that you can enjoy the datapack without extra features if you want to.


Volcanic Caves - Lava filled caves that house some great rewards but far greater risk. Also contains a new custom block called the geyser block, which launches you high in the air.

Splattered Caves - Standard caves with much more frequent placement of andesite, diorite, and granite.

Marshy Caves - Found under swamp biomes, these caves provide muddy terrain and giant sprawling roots hanging from the ceiling from the trees in the biomes above

Marble Caves - Like the standard caves except with walls of diorite and calcite.

Lush Dripstone Cave - A mix of the two vanilla cave biomes

Tropical Caves - Under the jungle biome a new cave generates that houses ancient temples and lush forests. Be weary as it houses some poisonous secrets.

Icy Caves - Found under mountains and cold biomes, these caves prove treacherous, from the slippery floors to the ever-present danger of powder snow. Extra ores and cave systems can be revealed by looking through layers of ice. It also spawns strays.

Fungal Caves - A packed lush environment that features giant mushrooms and other ancient plants. Explore these caves guided by the light of shroomlights and navigate through this dense undergound jungle.

Glowshroom Caves - Another mushroom filled biome with a little more bioluminescence.

Crystal Caves - Find huge sprawling geodes in these underground complexes that light up the walls with all sorts of amethyst crystals.

Arid & Desert Caves - Add a sandy underground that generate under dry biomes like badlands, deserts, and savannahs. Find huge dead bushes and cacti, and multiple new structures. Husks will spawn there and even drop sand.

Painted Caves - A rare variant of the desert caves that provide extra color to the underground

Caldera Caves - A scalding hot biome that generates with pools of water and the new custom geyser blocks.


Dungeons - The vanilla dungeons have been replaced by a new complex that can come in many different variants.

Cave Villages - New village variant that spawns in any of the stone caves

Lush Cave Villages - Another variant of the cave villages that spawns in any heavily vegetated caves

Husk Spawner - New variant of the dungeons that spawns in any of the desert cave biomes

Overgrown Temple - An ancient temple found in the tropical caves, contains valuable loot and holds many secrets to be uncovered

Sandstone Temple - A dangerous trap-filled temple found in any of the desert cave biomes

Abandoned Thermal Plant - Found deep in the volcanic caves, solve puzzles and cool down the thermal reactor to gain access to new treasure

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