Christmas Tower

Christmas Tower

Mod and data pack

A datapack adding 12 new CUSTOM CHRISTMAS ITEMS, that have unique abilities and powers!

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This datapack adds 12 new CUSTOM CHRISTMAS ITEMS that have custom abilities and powers. This datapack was made as a Christmas calender in Minecraft adding one new item every 2 days, which is now over, so you have all of the items available!

Download on PMC


How many items does it add? -> This datapack adds 12 new custom Christmas themed items; with custom powers and abilities.

Java or Bedrock? -> JAVA

VERSION? -> 1.19.2

Where can i find the recipes for the new items? -> All the recipes are in the advancements!


All Items

ITEM 1 --> Candy Cane (UNLOCKED)

  • Give good effects, when eated!

ITEM 2 --> Present (UNLOCKED)

  • Give random items, when open!

ITEM 3 --> Candy Cane Hoe (UNLOCKED)

  • When used on sugar cane, turns it into sugar!

ITEM 4 --> Candy Cane Apple (UNLOCKED)

  • Give you buffs, and you can eat it 3 times!

ITEM 5 --> Frozen TNT (UNLOCKED)

  • When ignited, explode into snow!

ITEM 6 --> Snowball Launcher (UNLOCKED)

  • Throws snowballs, but you need arrows to power it!

ITEM 7 --> Icicle (UNLOCKED)

  • You can hang it on blocks, and when mobs walk under it, it falls!

ITEM 8 --> Candy Cane Axe (UNLOCKED)

  • Click on a tree, to instantly chop it down!

ITEM 9 --> Candy Cane Pickaxe (UNLOCKED)

  • Mine instanlty, but you don't get the items from it

ITEM 10 --> Candy Cane Shovel (UNLOCKED)

  • Can find buried candy inside of blocks!

ITEM 11 --> Candy Cane Sword (UNLOCKED)

  • Have a chance that it eates the mob you hit!

ITEM 12 --> Christmas Tree (UNLOCKED)

  • When you place the tree, near a bed, and you sleep, you will get a Christmas Present to your inventory!

REQUIREMENTS Version: 1.19.2, Optifine: Not Required, Resource Pack: required

Do /reload when you join to the world, to start the datapack!

Incompatibilites - Mods (or Datapacks), that UNLOCK ALL RECIPES Like quark, or some VanilllaTweaks datapacks.
- Datapacks that use the same CustomModelData for items


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This work by Diamond is licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International

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