Code of Copper Extensions

Code of Copper Extensions

Data pack

Operator focused extensions for GolemScript (Code of Copper).

Server Library

Created4 months ago
Updated4 months ago

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Code of Copper Extensions

This pack provides a couple additional functions to Code of Copper, aimed at providing functionality for those who would prefer to use the language in creative mode, or as an operator.

Whilst made by one of the developers of Code of Copper, this pack is unofficial. While some functionality provided by this pack may one day make it upstream, much of it will not.


  • This datapack will only work in versions 1.20.2 and higher
  • This datapack will not work without Code of Copper

Provided Functions


Exec will run any command given to it, in a string. It runs as the bot, positioned at the bot. It allows multiple strings in the same function.

exec("time set day") # Set time to day
exec("weather clear", "gamemode adventure @p") # Set weather to clear, and @p to adventure mode


Teleports the selected entity to the given coordinates. Coordinates can be an integer, or a string. Defaults to "@s" if unset. Tilde ~ is relative to the bot.

tp(0, 64, 0) # Teleport bot (@s) to 0, 64, 0
tp(0, 64, 0, "@a") # Teleport all players (@a) to 0, 64, 0
tp("~", "~8", "~", "@p") # Teleport nearest player 8 blocks above the bot
tp("~", 100, "~", "@p") # Teleport nearest player to Y 100, above the bot


Alternative to place(), doesn't require blocks in inventory. Coordinates can be an integer, or a string. Tilde ~ is relative to the bot.

setblock(:stone, 0, 64, 0) # Sets the block minecraft:stone at 0, 64, 0
setblock(:grass_block, "~", "~8", "~") # Sets the block minecraft:grass_block 8 blocks above the bot


Returns the score of the selected entity, as an integer. Defaults to "@p" if unset.

score("myscoreboard") # Returns the score of @p, fo scoreboard myscoreboard
score("myotherscoreboard", "Moxvallix") # Returns the score of Moxvallix, for scoreboard myotherscoreboard


Sets the score of the selected entity, from a given integer. Defaults to "@p" if unset. Returns the score set.

scoreset("myscoreboard", 8) # Sets @p to a score of 8 on scoreboard myscoreboard
scoreset("myotherscoreboard", 123, "Gears_YT") # Sets Gears_YT to a score of 123 on scoreboard myotherscoreboard


Returns the value of the given gamerule as an integer. If a value is given as a second argument, it sets the gamerule as such. Accepts either a string, integer or boolean as second value.

rule("keepInventory") # Returns the value of gamerule keepInventory (0 if false, 1 if true)
rule("doFireTick", false) # Sets the gamerule doFireTick to false, returns 0
rule("randomTickSpeed", 5) # Sets the gamerule randomTickSpeed to 5, returns 5


Runs a function given as a resource, and returns the value the function returns.

run(:foo) # Runs function minecraft:foo, returning what the function returns
run(code:bar) # Runs function code:bar, returning what the function returns

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