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This datapacks adds (hopefully) vanilla like structures that are supposed to blend in with the rest of the game and feel like they belong there. going from environmental additions like fire watch towers and taverns to dungeons like badland minder outpost and illager hideout

the current structure list is:

firewatch tower (all 7 overworld wood types)

conduit ruins (it's function is to teach player how to build conduits)

mangrove witch hut (3 versions with slighlty better loot)

ruin town (a zombie infested ruin)

tavern (a villager tavern to stumble upon during your travels)

underground house (terraria reference)

badland miner outpost (an illager outpost in the badlands for their mining operations)

illager hideout (a hidden dungeon underground)

illager camp (small camps made by illager on their travels)

wild ruins (a collection of different single structure ruins like a house, ruins of a house or a dead redstone golem)

wells (for jungle, birch biomes, forrest and plains biomes, taiga biomes, savana. basically the desert well but for other biomes)

lost bunkers (small structures with a small underground bunker)

changes also the pillager outpost and ancient citty to be more challanging but also more rewarding while staying vanilla

if you have trouble to find dungeons, type "/locate nova_structures:[​same name as the list above but with "_" instead of a space]"

I want to add more in the future but this is the first wave, I hope you enjoy and check out Walls who made all the loot tables for dungeons and structures

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