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This Standalone Splinter Version of Dungeons and Taverns adds the Ancient City Overhaul by

  • making the main walls slimmer and taller
  • adding slim roads
  • removing the Deepslate Cobblestone ring structures
  • adding rumble to all Structure parts with archelogy loot tables
  • adding several smaller houses
  • adding smaller versions of the current city parts
  • adding a 2nd ice box structure
  • adding 2 amethyst box structures
  • adding small road lanterns
  • adding alarm towers
  • adding 3 chests in the city center statue
  • overhauling the loot table with
    • adding iron ingots and nuggets
    • adding gold ingots and nuggets
    • adding a rare chance for diamonds
    • allowing all iron and diamond tools and armor to be found, rather than just hoes and pants. hoes and pants are still the most common
    • making the armour trims more rare relative to the amount of chest in the entire city
  • adding soul fire bonfires on the pillars

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