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Dungeons and Taverns v3.1.1


  • Fixed the "Empty or non-existent pool: minecraft:witch_hut/foundation" issue.
  • Fixed the minecraft:grass / minecraft:short_grass issue that is only an issue because of 1.20.3 changes.
  • Added Pots with loot to almost all structures (all of them contain a chance for health potions for you no natural regeneration hardcore needs)
  • Overhauled the Nether Keep Bridge parts to have more open windows
  • Added merlons on the Nether Keep bridge parts (thats the raised areas that give cover to blazes)
  • Adding towers on the outside of the Nether Keep, giving a bit more variety for the bridge levels
  • Added 4 different spawner types on the outside of the Nether Keep bridges. DO note that this change is an temporary placeholder stand in for trial chambers.
  • Spawner to the Nether Keep added are: Skeleton, Magmaslime, Wither Skeleton, Blaze
  • Raised the size of the Nether Keep from 7 steps to 11 steps
  • Added few more hallway Rooms to the Bunker
  • Raised the size of the Bunker from 5 to 20
  • Added an random hallways/room blocker so its not always ridiculous large but can be somewhere from 5-20 steps big
  • Raised the Donjon Step size to 20, just for the railroad


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