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[Mod] Release v1.7


  • Added a mod version with the exclusive addition of a global settings menu and config file, when installed alongside MidnightLib ⚙️
  • Added Rain Check - If enabled, touching rain counts as being inside water
  • Added new icon
  • Added Shulker Bullets to light level 6 entities
  • Reformatted ingame menus
  • Added global /function #tschipcraft:menu command
  • Fixed sculk sensors getting triggered upon dynamic light removal (closes #8), location changes and item frame updates
  • Fixed overwriting player placed light blocks (closes #7)
  • Fixed Ghast desync when no player is near
  • Fixed TNT not breaking blocks when ignited with a flame bow (#10)
  • Fixed TNT dupers not working correctly (#10)
  • Fixed End Crystals not breaking blocks when exploding
  • Fixed Flying Wither Skulls not breaking blocks
  • Fixed exploding Creepers not breaking blocks when burning
  • Added new custom license


dynamiclights-v1.7-mc1.17x-1.20x-mod.jar(98.85 KiB) Primary Download

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