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  • Update to Minecraft 1.20.4 πŸ¦‡
  • Improved performance of light placement checks
  • Moved dynamic light spawn location to eye level
  • Added global function API calls for placing dynamic lights
  • Added a check before removing light markers to make sure the light block itself got removed first
  • Added interaction entities to the ignore tag list
  • Added a mod version with the exclusive addition of a global settings menu and config file, when installed alongside MidnightLib βš™οΈ
  • Added Rain Check - If enabled, touching rain counts as being inside water
  • Added new icon
  • Added Shulker Bullets to light level 6 entities
  • Reformatted ingame menus
  • Added global /function #tschipcraft:menu command
  • Fixed sculk sensors getting triggered upon dynamic light removal (closes #8), location changes and item frame updates
  • Fixed overwriting player placed light blocks (closes #7)
  • Fixed Ghast desync when no player is near
  • Fixed TNT not breaking blocks when ignited with a flame bow (#10)
  • Fixed TNT dupers not working correctly (#10)
  • Fixed End Crystals not breaking blocks when exploding
  • Fixed Flying Wither Skulls not breaking blocks
  • Fixed exploding Creepers not breaking blocks when burning
  • Added new custom license
  • Update to Minecraft 1.20 πŸͺ (closes #5)
  • Complete rewrite of existing light block place engine and predicate logic
  • Predicates and tag lists have been expanded to items and item frames. They are no longer hard-coded!
  • Added water sensitive items
  • Added sound cues for water sensitive items
  • Added options to configure dynamic light sources (closes #3)
    • Added option to give entities with the glowing potion effect light level 6
  • Added light level 15 to Ghasts that are about to shoot a fireball
  • Added light level 6 to amethyst trimmed armor
  • Configured Sea Pickles and Prismarine Crystals to only turn on inside water
  • Added Amethyst Clusters to light level 6 items
  • Moved TNT to light level 6 entities
  • Moved Blazes from light level 15 to 9, making a visual difference when angered
  • Added Lightning Bolts to light level 15 entities
  • Tidied up tag lists and naming inconsistencies
  • Fixed triggered campfire_check to apply its lock to the whole entity
  • Fixed water sensitive items turning off and on when floating on the water surface
  • Removed redundant how to use message
  • Mobs holding or wearing light emitting items will now produce light πŸ±β€πŸ
  • Item frames containing light emitting items will now also produce light
  • End Crystals, Dragon Fireballs and regular Fireballs will now emit light level 15
  • Firework Rockets, Wither Skulls and Allays will now emit light level 9
  • Items enchanted with Fire Aspect will now emit light level 9, all other enchantments light level 6
  • Added Campfires, Beacons and all the Froglights to light level 15 items
  • Added Soul Campfires, Prismarine Crystals, Blaze Rods, Spectral Arrows and End Crystals to light level 9 items
  • Added Fire Charges, Nether Stars, Blaze Powder, Amethyst Shards and Ender Chests to light level 6 items
  • Moved Glow Lichen from light level 9 to 6 items
  • Increased performance by extensively using predicates
  • Increased frequency of light updates to 1 tick (every 2 ticks before)
  • Increased active dynamic light radius around players from 30 to 65 blocks
  • Fixed incompatibility with Amethyst Golem data pack
  • Fixed cave air not lighting up
  • Fixed campfires with their BlockStateTag lit set to false still emitting light (Ensures compatibility with The Creeper's Code)
  • This data pack now follows the Smithed and essential MC Datapack Discord Server Conventions to ensure data pack compatibility!
  • Added a wiki!


Please uninstall the previous version of this data pack (/function dynamiclights:uninstall) before you install this version, if you are upgrading from v1.4!

Initial release on Modrinth ✨

Changelog since v1.3:

  • Update to Minecraft 1.19 🐸
  • Switched to item tags regarding held items internally thus increasing performance
  • Added tvc_ignore implementation

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