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Ender Dragon Fight Remastered

An up in the difficulty of the final boss fight of Minecraft.

This datapack/mod gives the Ender Dragon many more attacks, some of which can be devastating. It also adds boss music, to add that final boss feel. The Ender Dragon even has a second phase when she reaches half health!

Plus, instead of a wimpy 200 health, the Ender Dragon now has 500 health, making it a lot harder.

Let the fight begin.

If you want to make the music quieter, it is the "Jukebox/Note Blocks" slider in Music and Sounds.

Recommended Mods

These mods are pretty good when used together with EDFR. They are not required, but they enhance the End's other lacking features. They are highly recommended, but not required to use EDFR.

BetterEnd by quiqueck

Yung's Better Strongholds by YUNGNICKYOUNG

End Remastered by Jack Bagel


Attack order:

  1. Force endermen to attack random player.
  2. Summon end zombies.
  3. Shoot fireballs that explode.
  4. Force the dragon to perch. (Replaced with another fireball attack when dragon is Mad)

After the dragon reaches half-heath, she will become Mad. When she becomes Mad, she will respawn 3 end crystals and be able to use Mad attacks. She can only become Mad once, even if her health goes above half again.

Mad attacks (only used after the dragon reaches half health):

  1. Teleport to random end crystal location.
  2. Strike lightning on everyone (if you are moving, the lightning will appear where you were a second ago.)
  3. Summon anvils 20 blocks above everyone (more visual flare planned)
  4. Spawns miniboss (only one miniboss can exist at once, and only one miniboss can be spawned per fight, and the dragon will no longer move while miniboss is in existence, so you have to kill the miniboss)

The attacks are subject to change as I plan on adding more and changing some.

Need to contact me?

Chat with us on Discord!

This datapack is supposed to make the battle feel more epic.

Want to suggest an attack? Fill out this form!

Music by Solunary and DM Dokuro

Mod Icon by LucianoRomanJr

Tags (Unimportant) Ender dragon, Better ender dragon, savage ender dragon, evil ender dragon, mean ender dragon, ender dragon fight mod, better ender dragon mod

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