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THE RESOURCE PACK IS REQUIRED TO ALLOW THE DATA PACK TO WORK! Make sure to download both the data pack and the resource pack

What is Ethrium?


Ethrium is an extensive data pack that adds loads of new content to the game. There are new dimensions, and lots of structures and biomes to explore. There are also tons of new weapons as well as magical rings, amulets and helmets that give special effects to the wearer. Ethrium is designed for players who are looking for more to do in their Minecraft worlds. Ethrium provides many hours of dungeon looting and loot collecting to find every item the data pack offers.

How Do I Obtain the Custom Items?

Image Most of the custom items in this data pack are chest loot in the custom structures or in some cases, vanilla structures. Some mobs may also have a custom drop(s).For example: Witches have a low chance to drop a random ring. There are many custom weapons and items to find, so explore structures and kill mobs.

How Do I Travel to the Dimensions?

  • Cave Dimension: Stand on the bottom block of the world
  • Livilium: Fly to the top of the world
  • Ethrium: Place an Ender Amulet in your offhand. Ender Amulets are obtained in End Cities by killing Shulkers
  • Knowledge books can be crafted and used to teleport to the Overworld spawn point, they work in any dimension and must be placed in the offhand. Image


  • Any data pack that edits vanilla mob loot tables
  • Any data pack that edits vanilla block loot tables
  • Any data pack that edits certain vanilla loot tables

Compatibility with Terralith and other world generation mods is being considered. image The Livilium Dimension

In game guidebook coming soon!