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Explorify v1.6.0

  • Supports Minecraft versions 1.19 through 1.21
  • Expanded on Farmsteads
  • Reworked Mausoleums
    • Now has 2 variants
    • In 1.20.2 and above will generate decorated pots
    • In 1.20.3 and above the decorated pots have loot
  • Added Dark Forest Settlements
  • Added Mangrove Huts
  • Added Ruins
    • In 1.20.2 and above will generate suspicious gravel
  • Added Supply Caches
    • Has 7 variants
  • Partially reworked biome spawns of some structures

Explorify v1.5.0

  • Compatible with Minecraft versions 1.19 through 1.21
  • (Mod) Added support for NeoForge
  • Reworked Watchtowers
  • Added Farmsteads
    • A lonesome dwelling found in the Plains biome
  • Added Taverns
    • A cosy resort found in the Plains and Forest biomes
  • Added Campsites
    • A warm refuge found in taiga and snowy biomes

Adjusted contents of Black Spiral

Requires Fabric API

Updated to data pack format 15

Added the Black Spiral, a new large structure found in the Nether

Improvements to the Badlands Pyramid structure

Added a new structure, the Watchtower

  • Added Watchtower plains variant
  • Added Watchtower savanna variant
  • Added Watchtower taiga variant

Rewritten all structure generation

  • Updates to templates of all structures
  • Changes to Mountain beacon
    • Renamed Mountain beacon to Guide post
    • Now generates randomized
    • Can now generate with lit campfires
  • Changes to End shipwreck
    • Fixed issue with structure generating in the void
    • Tweaked spawn rate

Minor hotfix for broken tags

Initial Fabric release

  • Added Mausoleum
  • Added Desert chapel
  • Added End shipwreck
  • Added Mountain beacon
  • Added Badlands pyramid

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