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Health Display

Health Display

gives mobs health bars

Server Adventure MobsUtility

Created3 months ago
Updated9 days ago

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[Info]: The resource pack is optional. If you don't want to use it you will see every mob having a lever in their offhand(won't drop) and every damage indicator being a lever item(cannot be picked up).

This pack is originally a feature from my Era of Magic data pack but now it's a standalone data pack for people who just want to see a mob's health. It also adds a damage indicator and hurt particles which you can toggle on and off with the commands:

/trigger own.dmg.indicator you can toggle whether you create a damage indicator when hurt or not.
/trigger show.hurt.particles you can toggle to show or not show red particles if a mob gets hurt.
/trigger hd.options you can give yourself an options book that activates or deactivates damage indicators and hurt particles globally.

Before removing the data pack from your world run: /function health_display:uninstall
When uninstalling all named mobs get their name tag removed!

If there are any bugs or things that look not normal please tell me and I'll fix them.