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🔥 About

Hearths is a light data pack that adds new features and structures to the vanilla Nether. It improves three vanilla biomes: the Nether Wastes, the Crimson Forest, and the Warped Forest. It also adds two new structures: the Crimson and Warped Towers.

📦 Content

The Nether Wastes were mainly upgraded with two new features - netherrack spikes (or rather stalagmites and stalactites) as well as blackstone and magma 'lakes'. This transforms the wastes into less of a desert-like biome and more of a hostile cave-like biome.

The Crimson Forest and the Warped Forest now include blackstone rocks, fallen fungus stems, and a new, weird type of sprawling huge fungus. The density of vegetation has also slightly been increased.

On top of that, the forests now also include two new structures - the Crimson and Warped Towers. These not only provide loot and mobs, but being very tall (almost a 100 blocks), they can also serve as 'elevators' between the different vertical levels of the Nether!

📋 Notes

This data pack should be compatible with mods and data packs that change Nether generation, such as Amplified Nether. It is not fully compatible with ones that change the biome files of changed biomes. The towers should always spawn, though.

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