Instant Village Building

Instant Village Building

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Build your village in a second!

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This is originally for modpack AnimateCraft: Lankeren. If you like this content, I'm sure you'll like that modpack, too. Welcome to check it out!





Build your village buildings easily! (currently only available in plains biome)

by buying the jigsaw block from lv.2 cleric, Hold it in main hand and sneak to place it under your feet (Players in survival mode cannot place jigsaw directly) , then drop a station block on it to generate the corresponding building. Dropping a emerald will generate you a small house.

You can even generate a whole village! By crafting four jigsaw together, you will gain a structure block. Use the same way to place the structure block, and then drop a bell on the structure block. Boom! A whole new village will generate immediately.


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