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Josh's More Foods


Josh's More Foods simply adds a lot of new food items you can craft, as well as a new crafting station to make some of them.


The cookbook is your in-game guide to all recipes and information about the datapack. Craft it with Bread and a Book and Quill.

Josh's More Foods


Cooking Station

  • A new crafting station that lets you cook many of the new foods


  • Knives are new tools/weapons that swing faster than swords but do weak damage. These will be used soon in some recipes.


  • A new ingredient derived from wheat seeds that can be used in place of wheat or in other unique recipes.


  • Derived from tea leaves, these herbal/floral drinks give a small regenerative effect when consumed.

A Bunch of New Food

  • 2 Rice Meals
  • 13 Teas
  • 5 Breads
  • 3 Cookies
  • 7 Pies
  • 3 Doughnuts
  • 5 Salads
  • 4 Ice Cream
  • and a few other foods

Book of Nutrition

  • Shows the nutrition value of all the new foods. Crafted with a Carrot and Book and Quill


Download the resource pack and place it in your resourcepacks folder, and download the data pack and place it in your world or server's datapacks folder. (pretty simple)

If you plan to use multiple datapacks and resourcepacks together, you can use weld to easily merge them together to place in your world. (some packs may not be compatible with others, but Josh's More Foods follows smithed's conventions for better compatibility with other packs)


Sprites are made by Bonii, me, RenTheMan, Sirenity, VidiTerraNovum

Language Contributions:

  • Chinese (zh_cn) by Rain_G and their team
  • German (de_de) by LimeSculkCraft7
  • (until 1.20.4) Brazilian Portuguese (pt_br) by MeiaQuatru
  • Russian (ru_ru) by Ll66dar
  • Ukrainian (uk_ua) by MrBaget
  • Vietnamese (vi_vn) by Haisenberger

This datapack uses adaptations of the Smithed Custom Block and Custom Crafter libraries, both under the MIT License. License


Translations If you want to help with translations, submit a pull request, message me on PlanetMinecraft, or hit me up on discord: joshmats

You can base off of the US English file here

For the cookbook, tweak your phrasing and use of newlines (\n) to better fit the text, though I can handle the newline part. Either way, it would be good to coordinate via discord in case of any issues.

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