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Keep Some Inventory

Isn't it annoying when you die and your items are far away and surrounded by danger?

With this data pack no longer, since you keep your fighting equipment like weapons, tools and armor on you when dying!


Personally I don't like playing with the keepInventory gamerule set to true because it feels cheap to go somewhere dangerous without the risk of losing anything. This data pack aims to give dangerous areas their risk back while still allowing you to use your best equipment that you spent hours on farming, crafting and enchanting.


When dying, you keep all your equipment on you while still dropping your resources.

You will keep these items:
  • Armor, Elytra, Heads, Skulls and Carved Pumpkins
  • Tools and Weapons including Trident, Flint and Steal and Fishing Rods
  • Clocks, Compasses and Recovery Compasses
  • All Golden Apples, Potions and Totems
  • Every type of Arrow, all Torches and Firework Rockets
  • Ender Pearls and Ender Eyes
  • Goat Horns, Spyglasses, all Maps and all Buckets
  • All types of Boats, Minecarts, Saddles and Horse Armor
  • Written Books and Writable Books (Book and Quill)
  • Carrots on a Stick and Warped Fungi on a Stick

  • Your items will not splatter, they all stay at the exact location you died at, no items flying into lava or off of cliffs.

    At the location of your death you can collect all your experience and it is not limited to about 7 levels, like in vanilla minecraft.

    After dying, your items will despawn after 10 minutes instead of despawning after the normal 5 minutes.
    the time items take to despawn can be modifed using the config

    Configure the Pack

    If you are an admin or have cheats enabled, you can easily configure the data pack's behavior by running the following command:

    function ps-keep:config

    That will open this menu in the chat:


    You can then change the values by clicking on the text.

    The configuration options: Item despawn offset, is the time removed from the default 5 minutes despawn timer in ticks
    • The default is -6000 ticks, with this you get 5 minutes extra, so your items despawn after 10 minutes
    • Setting it to 5999 will mean, that they despawn after just a single tick
    • If you set it to -32768, items after death will stay for over 32 minutes
    Keep Experience determines if experience will drop
    • If the setting is at it's default 0, you will drop all of your experience where you died
    • When it is set to 1, you keep all your experience with you, like how the keepInventory gamerule works
    Keep Items determines what items will drop
    • If the setting is at it's default 1, you only drop resources but no equipment
      (you can see all items that are kept here)
    • You will drop all your items by setting it to 0, but keeping the experience, that items don't splatter and the item despawn time will still apply as expected
    • If the setting is set to 2, you will keep all your items while still being able to drop your experience

    If you want to adjust what items you keep or drop on death, you can modify the drop_on_death item tag at /data/ps-keep/tags/items/drop_on_death.json.
    All the items listed in this tag will be dropped on death, so if you want to keep a specific item, that you normally drop, just remove it's entry from this list.

    When building the data pack from source, you can easily adjust the items by modifying the drop_on_death.bolt file.

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