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Battle it out in the well-known challenge of Minecraft, but the Lava Rises. Get time to prepare in the beginning stages before lava begins to engulf the world from the bottom to the top, who will come out victorious in the final battle? You have 1 life, once you die, you're out and left to spectate the game.

Once the game begins, you have a 60s starter period where PvP is disabled. After this, you have (by default) a 30m grace period to gather resources, gear up, and prepare for the battle. Once the grace period is over, the lava begins to rise from the bottom of the world to the top.

If you are running this event on 1.17 and below, ensure you enable legacy mode. This ensures the height limit is set back to pre-1.18.

/scoreboard players set legacy global 1


By using this datapack, your world will be permanently changed. For this reason, do not apply this datapack on an existing world you care for - especially if it modifies terrain.

Once installed, you will be presented with a "setup flow" in the chat, use this to configure in-game options. Once you're ready, hit the start button!