Legendary Encounters (Cobblemon)

Legendary Encounters (Cobblemon)

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Obtain Legendary Pokemon in Survival!

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Gather your team and get ready to take on legendary Cobblemon! V1.2d | Cobblemon 1.3



  • Articuno(Lv. 55) (Four Ice Stones) (Loc: Snowy Plains Biome)
  • Moltres(Lv. 55) (Four Sun Stones) (Loc: Basalt Delta Biome)
  • Zapdos(Lv. 55) (Four Thunder Stones)
  • Mewtwo(Lv. 70) (Nether Star)
  • Xerneas(Lv. 70) (Galarica Wreath) (Loc: Dark Forest Biome)
  • Iron Leaves(Lv. 100) (Dubious Disc) (Loc: End Highlands) (Req: defeat/catch Rayquaza)
  • Rayquaza(Lv. 100) (Dragon Egg) (Loc: The End Main Island) (Does not remove egg from invintory)


  • Walking Wake(Lv. 100) (Loc: Shady Villager) (Req: defeat/catch Rayquaza)
  • Iron Leaves(Lv. 100) (Loc: Shady Villager) (Req: defeat/catch Rayquaza)


  • Mew(Lv. 55-60) (Ultra-rare) (Loc: Forest Biome, Jungle Biome, Dark Forest Biome)
  • Meloetta(Lv. 50-55) (rare) (Loc: Warped Forest Biome)
  • Victini(Lv. 50-55) (rare) (Loc: Crimson Forest Biome)
  • Jirachi(Lv. 55-60) (Ultra-rare) (Loc: Overworld, anywhere during night)
  • Marshadow(Lv. 50-55) (rare) (Loc: Mangrove Swamp Biome)

Currently, you can summon ONE OF EACH legendary(per world/player) by interacting with an active beacon(1 layer) while holding the coordinating materials and in the correct biome if applicable(can be checked in advancements).

Mythical pokemon spawn randomly in the locations listed. Rarities vary.

Ancient alters and temples spawn throughout the world as you adventure! Dimensions included!

Legendary Dungeons found throughout the underground terrain will also become available after you've beaten Rayquaza! These dungeons are ONE TIME USE! once you summon a legendary, that dungeon becomes unusable. Find these ancient underground temples and sacrifice one Totem of Undying before entering to encounter a random legendary of which you have previously faced! These structures will also have a 1/4097 chance to summon a shiny too.

Find Sky Islands as you adventure and discover secrets, new NPCS, quests, and more!

New custom NPC Shady Villager! Sells various items related to progression throughout your adventure! Find this strange fellow after you've beaten Rayquaza to discover the greater secrets of the land...

All Legendaries have a 1/8125 chance to spawn as their shiny variant aswell!

Alternative summoning method Legendary Raids!

This pack has been made with SOLO play in mind. HOWEVER, multiplayer does work just fine! Remember to place the zip file into the /worlds/datapacks folder in your server too!!!!

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  • All of this information and more can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tWSaduPcxbFIwzntRrS9MsnCLgIPhsJqJR6PTxdELdA/edit?usp=sharing

  • When interacting with the Shady Villager- you have to click the options in the chat with your mouse!

  • IF YOU ARE USING FORGE- Make sure to put the zip file in BOTH /worlds/datapacks AND your resource packs folder! Also make sure to add the zip file to the packs folder when creating your world!

    • It may say 'Your world is using experimental settings' but thats OKAY- There won't be any changes to the pack that will mess around with buggy experimental features and break anyones worlds!
  • If summoning isn't working, try /reload and then using /advancements revoke player_name only survivallegends:pokemon_name to reset advancements!!! To be safe I would recommend using /reload when you first load up the datapack!

  • If your game says that the pack was created for a newer version of Minecraft, ignore it. It will still work!

  • Anyone can use Legendary Encounters in any shape or form! All I ask is for credit to be provided with any inclusion of Legendary Encounters on any published works!

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