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Mine Treasure

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Mine Treasure is a data pack designed to enhance the user's mining experience in Minecraft. Mine Treasure is an expansive data pack with many features such as biome-specific treasures, advancements, custom items and customizability. Performance has always been a something on my mind when coding this, hopefully the performance impact should be mediocre.


Treasures are divided into tiers: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary, where the chances vary depending on the type of stone the player mines. Treasures are biome-specific, with 21 different biome loot tables. Common Treasures usually have very generic loot and is great for the early game. Rare Treasures step it up a notch and may contain custom items. Epic Treasures contain great loot at the cost of being incredibly rare. Legendary Treasures are the most powerful, capable of holding loot more powerful than Netherite, though at the cost of being the rarest treasure.

In Mine Treasure there are over 100+ custom items, as well as over 200+ advancements added to the game and many new ways to make every biome-type feel more special.

Click here for a list of items and other information

Quick Summary

- 4 different tiers: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary
- Biome-specific treasures: 23
- Loot Table progression
- Advancements: 200+
- Custom items: 100+
- Amount of loot tables: 80+
- Compatibility rating: Fabric 10/10, Quilt 10/10, Forge 9.5/10, Paper 9/10, Spigot 7/10, Realms 8/10
- List of loot tables:
- Viewable stats: /trigger mt_stats
- Edit Treasure chances: /function mt:settings


/trigger mt_stats - Players can view their stats

/function mt:settings - Settings.

/scoreboard players set in mt.common_chance [VALUE] - for more specific common rates

/scoreboard players set in mt.rare_chance [VALUE] - for more specific rare rates

/scoreboard players set in mt.epic_chance [VALUE] - for more specific epic rates

/scoreboard players set in mt.legendary_chance [VALUE] - for more specific legendary rates

The values need to be increased by 10x, e.g. to get a 1/100 chance, put 1000 in the scoreboard value. Keep this in mind.

/function mt:uninstall - Uninstalls the data pack.

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