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Mine Treasure for 1.18.2

  • Due to the lack of issues with 1.2.8 version of Mine Treasure, I think it is pretty safe to downgrade this to an even older version for people who want to use Mine Treasure on earlier versions.

  • The changes in this version removes everything related to 1.19+ meaning Deep Dark is no longer in here. This also changes most of the horns into a bucket of milk instead, which you have to drink to spawn in the custom horses, cows etc. The structures from Dark Forest have been removed.

Everything else should be the same.

Mine Treasure for 1.19-1.19.3

Due to the lack of issues with 1.2.8 version of Mine Treasure, I think it is pretty safe to downgrade this version to older versions for people who want to use Mine Treasure on earlier versions.

The changes in this version removes all the custom textures (due to being 1.19.4-exclusive). It also changes the way damage is dealt with other weapons since /damage was also introduced in 1.19.4, so a lot of weapons using custom damage have been changed.

Everything else should be the same.


Bug Fix:

  • Yet again did I encounter another issue where scores would overflow due to this keeping entity scores on death bug. This update features a cleaning cycle clearing the scoreboard that is overflowing (the scoreboard mechanic is necessary for hit detection), the random lag spikes during a server save should hopefully no longer occur.

  • In addition, I did some changes to the system overall due to an oversight, it should now perform faster.

  • Removed some unused code.


Fix: There have been overall complaints about lag when using Mine Treasure when the server is performing a save, this was due to something I was not aware of, but apparently killing an entity with a score will not actually remove them from scoreboard, causing many of them to rack up scoreboard.dat on servers. This will make the server lag immensely after playing with Mine Treasure for a few days. This update fixes this issue by resetting scoreboard on the entity that is being killed.

Mine Treasure 1.2.6 New bug fixes!


  • Overall increased performance when checking for player hit.
  • Small bugfixes in settings

New Setting and a few important bug fixes!

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed textures sometimes getting removed from a barrel.
  • Fixed a bug where scoreboard.dat file would rack up non-existing entities.
  • Display entities will disappear after a while following the despawn system when there is no barrel after say a creeper blew up a treasure.
  • Removed unused texts and removed unnecessary code that had no use in the data pack.


  • Added an option to disable global Legendary sounds in the settings menu.
  • Added a new page to settings menu, next update there will probably be more settings.
  • Removed old GitHub page and moved the existing one to an org.

Mine Treasure 1.2.4 Progression Loot Table updates!

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the special cows from Mushroom biomes to work properly (due to new system in 1.19.4)
  • Fixed a weird issue with Realms where it would override any folder with "world" in it. No more bugs on Realms.
  • Fixed a bug where the display entities would remain if a creeper blew up the container.
  • Badlands Legendary did not have a stone count lock, that has no been fixed.


  • The new Progression setting in the GUI now supports stone count unlocking as well. The higher the Progression setting is, the more/faster loot will be unlocked!

Mine Treasure 1.2.3 GUI changes!

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a debug message in Drylands Piercer
  • Fixed other minor bugs


  • Added a new setting called Treasure Progression, this setting is adjusting the amount of loot being obtained per treasure.

Most likely final bug fix focus for now. Will focus on adding more GUIs in the upcoming week. Expect more updates in the future!

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed damage type detection working properly
  • Fixed Echoing Scream not working
  • Fixed an issue with Dark Meat epics not having lore before 100k stone mined
  • Fixed an issue with Soul Valley Rare Treasures having delayed spawning
  • Fixed an issue with Swamp Rare Treasures having delayed spawning
  • Fixed Item Frames from common dark forest to stack with rare dark forest treasures
  • Fixed Mysterichant and Knockchant Runes stacking and appearing slightly on the middle of the screen when used.
  • Fixed loot table issues with a potion in the Nether


  • Added a new potion in the Legendary Nether Treasure
  • Removed the potion from Common Nether Treasure
  • Added permanent Regeneration II and Resistance II to the Dirty Roller

Mine Treasure 1.2.1 I am not shocked that a few bugs were found due to the sheer amount of content added. Here is a bugfix for the most crucial bugs


  • Fixed an issue where a treasure could despawn mid animation.
  • Fixed a y_rotation issue in not being specificed between 0..1 decimals.
  • Fixed Rumble Axe having a debug message.
  • Fixed late Common Wind Treasure's loot table arrows being named wrong.

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