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Mine Treasure 1.3.3

Updated to 1.20.3-1.20.4


  • Due to changes in 1.20.3 I have rewritten the way treasures spawn a little bit, in a bigger update I will completely rewrite it to utilise new features.


  • Performance is slightly increased in this version

Mine Treasure 1.3.2

There were a few bugs that I simply did not encounter while testing, due to being unavailable for the entire weekend I haven't been able to fix it until today.


  • All potions that previously had no effects in 1.20.1 has been fixed.
  • Getting double treasures in Nether Wastes/End biome has been fixed.



Mine Treasure 1.3.1

Backported Mine Treasure 1.3 to 1.20.1!


  • All content added in 1.3 is now available for 1.20.1
  • Added full biome mod compatibility with the use of biome tags, if you have a custom biome that does not have a biome tag assigned. Head over to the directory data/mt/tags/worldgen/biome and add your respected biome in one of the biomes.



Mine Treasure 1.3 - The Plentiful Update

Updated to 1.20.2!


  • Added Crimson Forest treasures into the treasure system.

COMMENT: Finally Crimson Forest has finally made its way to the official Mine Treasure biome roster, with its own unique style, going for a blood-like theme.

  • Added Warped Forest treasures into the treasure system.

COMMENT: When adding Crimson Forest it is of course a must to add its counterpart -- Warped Forest which is sort of the opposite of Crimson Forest, going for a ender-like theme (and reality-warping).

  • Obviously, with 2 new biomes loot tables, the total amount of biomes has now increased from 21 to 23. There are a bunch of new custom items inside of these new biomes.
  • Removed Nether Chestplate (Replaced with Crimson Forest Chestplate in Crimson Forest loot table).
  • Buffed Basalt Deltas Boots from 2 seconds to 6 seconds.
  • Made runes more common in every treasure that contains them (except for Mysterichant).
  • Added a new setting, the option to disable Spawn Building Horns such as Weaponsmith horn etc.
  • This version also has a few performance improvements to prevent a few checks from running unnecessarily often.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixes the issues where no potion effects, cow effects, weapons, armor, everything that was incompatible with the breaking changes of 1.20.2 stopped working.

Developer Status

I am very sorry for the lack of updates, I have been very busy as of late and my motivation dwindled a bit during summer, but my passion has now regrown for Mine Treasure again so expect new updates soon, especially with the amazing new features Mojang has added in recent versions.

Mine Treasure 1.2.9

Updated to 1.20!


  • Added Cherry Grove biome to Flower Treasure loot table
  • Added Sniffer Egg to Flower Treasure loot table (unlocks later on)
  • Added Cherry Sapling to Flower Treasure loot table
  • Added Ward Armor Trim Template to Deep Dark Legendary
  • Made Golden Pickaxe from Rare Wind Treasure not being available in later stages of progression

Bug Fixes:

  • Added correct tags to display entities (will be useful for a future update, stay tuned)

Mine Treasure for 1.18.2

  • Due to the lack of issues with 1.2.8 version of Mine Treasure, I think it is pretty safe to downgrade this to an even older version for people who want to use Mine Treasure on earlier versions.

  • The changes in this version removes everything related to 1.19+ meaning Deep Dark is no longer in here. This also changes most of the horns into a bucket of milk instead, which you have to drink to spawn in the custom horses, cows etc. The structures from Dark Forest have been removed.

Everything else should be the same.

Mine Treasure for 1.19-1.19.3

Due to the lack of issues with 1.2.8 version of Mine Treasure, I think it is pretty safe to downgrade this version to older versions for people who want to use Mine Treasure on earlier versions.

The changes in this version removes all the custom textures (due to being 1.19.4-exclusive). It also changes the way damage is dealt with other weapons since /damage was also introduced in 1.19.4, so a lot of weapons using custom damage have been changed.

Everything else should be the same.


Bug Fix:

  • Yet again did I encounter another issue where scores would overflow due to this keeping entity scores on death bug. This update features a cleaning cycle clearing the scoreboard that is overflowing (the scoreboard mechanic is necessary for hit detection), the random lag spikes during a server save should hopefully no longer occur.

  • In addition, I did some changes to the system overall due to an oversight, it should now perform faster.

  • Removed some unused code.

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